Welcome to the New Hampshire States

Important Dates & Times

2020  National History Day in New Hampshire State Competition.



Welcome to the 2020 NHDNH State Competition!

You've worked hard and only have a little more to go.  Please follow the registration steps completely to ensure your successful entry. We recommend completing the registration with your educator present to assist in questions. 

If you are in a GROUP PROJECT, the first person in the group should register and get the "key" that the others MUST USE for your group to be registered successfully.  Only one key can be used per group entry.

If you do not see your school or teacher during the registration process, please inform your teacher. They will have to register the school as well as their own profile.  

As previously announced, Papers and Websites are due by the end of Wednesday night (1:59 pm), March 11, 2020. 



Welcome Educators

Thank you for participating in National History Day in New Hampshire.  Please fill-in all the information we'll need to run "states" and send judging sheets back to you at your school's address. If you do not see your school on the directory please contact us (NHDNH@plymouth.edu) to add your school's information.

After YOU register, please eMail a request to receive the registration link you can then distribute to your students.  You can eMail the NHDNH address (or click on): jkrueckeberg@plymouth.edu.

We encourage you to assist your young historians in their registration process.  All GROUP projects must register with the key issued to the first student who registers for their group.

Please have your students' registration fees paid in one lump sum by you or your school.  We accept credit cards here.  Or send a check made out to NHDNH @ PSU, 17 High Street - MSC#30 - Plymouth, NH  03264.  Thanks to a generous donor, we've been able to keep this year's registration the same as last year.  (Tax-deductable donations may be made to the program through PSU.)  Fees are $35 per student.

 As previously announced, Papers and Websites are due by 11:59pm Wednesday night, March 11, 2020. 


Welcome Judges. Please complete the Judge registration process. We are looking forward to a healthy turnout of young historian from all over the state.

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